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Teacher Appreciation Gift

For my first crafty-post, I want to share keychains I made for my teammates. This school year was like nothing we ever imagined. We stuck together, toughed it out, and made it through. I couldn't ignore the fact that these amazing ladies did not have the pleasure of being treated to all the goodies and gifts that come with teacher appreciation week. So, I decided to make us all these adorable keychains.

I've had a Cricut machine for a few years now and decided it was time I start getting some regular use out of it. I did what any "semi-crafty" person would do and headed on over to good ol' trusty Pinterest!

I searched for some ideas, found what I wanted to do and got to work. For the back designs, I searched and searched and searched on Etsy until I found the perfect ones. After purchasing the design for the back of the circle keychains, I went into Cricut Design Space and started designing. The fonts I used were already in my computer. (Once I get better at this whole blogging business, I'll have more detailed explanations…PROMISE).

I applied the vinyl, then worked on the resin steps. It was easier than I thought, but also took a little more patience than I expected. I watched a couple videos on Youtube before trying it. I'm glad I did…the videos were super helpful!

Ok, so without further ado, here are the keychains! Not perfect, but SO CUTE!

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